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Different Kind of Worship

Meldrum & Bourtie Church

Jun 30, 2024

A Different Kind of Worship - church for all the family:
A Hogmanay service reciting hymns & readings that hold a special memory.
Everyone welcome

‘Different Kind of Worship’ this month will be in CHURCH and as the title implies be a bit ‘Different’: The Worship Group will be leading the service – we are looking for people to submit a hymn or Bible reading that holds a special memory – you will be invited to share the memory if you wish to do so or if you prefer one of the Worship group would say a few words for you. Over the next couple of weeks, you will find cards on the pews or at the door for you to complete – please hand the completed card to myself or Pat – please only take one card as we will probably not have time to read/sing all of the requests submitted at this service.

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