Dwell in the Word

Alicia Forsyth

4 March 2021

Dwell in the word - Thursday evenings: Join Alicia and spend time hearing God’s word and listening for the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

‘We invite the Holy Spirit in prayer to open our ears, hearts and minds.
‘We listen to a passage of scripture read out loud and notice where our attention is drawn – a verse, phrase or single word.
We then remain in silence for a minute or two, staying with the place in the passage that stood out for us’.
Dwelling in the Word. DITW is not a Bible Study, nor a Prayer Group. It is time spent together hearing God’s Word and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. All you need is time to share together.
Please put aside time for God in a new way.
A time to meet new Christian friends and hear what God is doing.
• Please message us @ info@meldrumandbourtiechurch.com for your Zoom link invite:

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