Empty mailbox!

Well, things are certainly quiet - not one email landed in my inbox today ‘well they say always a first for everything’ – starting to feel forgotten (all say huuhh).

Catching up with the news I heard talk of another 13 weeks of this so suppose I better get on and do all the things about the house that I have been too busy (least that has been my excuse) to do.

I’m reading just now the Universal Christ by Richard Rohr, in chapter 6 and where he was writing about a ‘Sacred Wholeness’ he wrote a story about Etty Hillesum, a young Jewish woman who was killed in Auschwitz in 1943. Her writings from that time showed as Rohr puts it "an almost impossible freedom from need to blame, hate, or project her inner anxiety elsewhere". This is taken from one of her letters, written just before she was packed off to Auschwitz 'Alas, there doesn't seem to be much You Yourself can do about our circumstances, about our lives. Neither do I hold You responsible. You cannot help us, but we must help You and defend Your dwelling place inside us to the last.’

Now, I know where we find ourselves today is nowhere near the horror Etty faced but what she wrote in her letters helps me, not just in our current crisis, but life in general, to have a better understanding of God’s love and strength, I think Paul summed it up nicely on Sunday when he said ‘all is held’. To know that I, as we all are, am the keeper of God’s dwelling place ‘inside us’ makes me feel humble, safe and privileged.

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