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Our Faith


Central to the Church of Scotland is our love and worship of God through following the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. We express our love for God by our love and practical care for each other and for those we live with and encounter in our daily lives.

Meldrum & Bourtie Parish Church play a crucial part across the range of communities, in our Parish.  Pastoral care of our parishoners is an essential part of Christ's calling to the Church, particularly in times of need.


How We Worship


Worship within the Church of Scotland is for everybody, regardless of age, nationality, status or ability.   The Minister is responsible for leading worship in both Meldrum & Bourtie Churches, church members including, elders and readers are involved in both planning and helping to lead worship from time to time.


Regular services of worship are at the heart of the life of the Church, this also includes our prayer groups, Sunday school, Bible study classes, the Guild, social activities and support groups for people facing problems.


Music is an essential part of the Church's worship and in Meldrum this can take a wide variety of different forms, such as the use of on-screen visuals and recordings.  Our Sunday morning services are accompanied by one of our organists.


Preaching is central to the Church of Scotland's way of worshipping God. The minister will share a message selected from the Bible. Preaching aims to help people interpret and apply the Bible's teaching to modern life today. 


Holy Communion


Holy Communion, also called the Lord's Supper, is open to all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ and have made public profession of faith.  In Meldrum & Bourtie we celebrate Communion formally twice a year, last Sunday in April and October at Meldrum and first Sunday in May and November at Bourtie.  At Meldrum, we also celebrate Communion in a short informal service on the last Sunday of each month (except April and October).

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