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Welcome to the website of Meldrum and Bourtie Church.  


We are an open and friendly congregation worshipping God in two buildings. Every Sunday at 11am in Meldrum Church and on the first Sunday of each month at Bourtie Church at 10 am.  


On this site you can find our latest news, check for special services, see photographs of past events and find out about baptisms, weddings, and funerals in Meldrum and Bourtie. We hope that having visited our website, you will also visit us at Sunday worship and find a welcome amongst us.


Our Services at a glance:

Meldrum Parish Church:

We have restarted our weekly Sunday morning worship services in Meldrum Parish Church - services start at 11 am each Sunday.

On the last Sunday of each month we move down to the hall on Albert Road for our 'Different Kind of Worship' service, which also starts at 11 am (please note that there will be no service in church on that Sunday).

Bourtie Parish Church:

We have restarted our monthly services at Bourtie, the service is still on the first Sunday of th emonth but teh service start time has been moved to 10 am.

Church for Kids:

We welcome kids of all ages to worship every Sunday and have a space set aside just for them with a table, markers, books, toys and more. 

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