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Serving God means more than worship and prayers, and putting God before everything else. It is also about putting your love for God into action by carrying out work and service in his name, we all can have a part to play.


Elders are a group of elected, ordained leaders who give their time voluntarily. Along with the minister, they are responsible for the spiritual and practical aspects of Church life, including pastoral care, and for local church government. They can also undertake training to conduct funerals, preach and lead worship. Being an elder is a demanding but rewarding role, and is an important part of the Church of Scotland's team ministry.



A reader is a member of the Kirk whose duties are principally concerned with the ministry of the word and the conduct of public worship. Readers can be attached to the ministry team of a parish, and they can also be attached to a group of linked parishes, preaching regularly in one or more congregations, and sharing in pastoral work associated with worship. Readers can be used as chaplains in homes for the aged, or assisting in hospitals or schools, and can conduct funerals and share in providing pastoral care for the family. They also carry out their traditional role of providing pulpit supply when ministers are absent or on holiday.

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