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Pastoral Care:

A healthy Christian community is one in which people know that they are loved, visitors are welcome and young and old alike are valued and feel safe. The care that we offer, both at times of crisis and in everyday life is an active proclamation of God's love in Christ and for all the world.


Children and young people have specific needs. Safeguarding is about preventing the abuse of children and young people and promoting their welfare. Read more about Safeguarding here.

The pastoral team consists of the minister and a team of visitors.  Either the Minister or your Elder would normally be your first port of call if you have any concerns or concerns about someone you know.


The Pastoral Team meets regularly to review how the scheme is operating, allocate visitors to those we have been asked to visit, arrange training sessions and discuss any matters of concern.  Periodically, at worship, in the church newsletter, etc we remind people of the scheme and how they can get in touch with or join the visiting team.


People 'slip through the net' which can mean that an elderly, faithful member, lives out her/his final days in miserable loneliness. That a young mother strives in quiet desperation to manage. That the bereaved have the idea that the church is just there to help manage the process of death confirmed and so on.


If we can formulate simple but effective policies of pastoral care these could act as catalysts for review, change and the sharing of good practice.

If you or someone you know requires a visit from the minister or someone from our visiting team then please complete the contact form below and click send. 

We need:

  • your name.

  • email address.

  • phone number.

  • if your message is about someone you know then please enter their details in the message box, thank you.


All information given is always held in the strictest confidence.

Thanks! Message sent.

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