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Infant or Child Baptism

Baptism is a sacred and special occasion, when the one baptised is welcomed into the Church community.  Traditionally in the Church of Scotland, we are baptised at a young age – perhaps when just weeks or months old – but 21st century lifestyles have changed this pattern.  For instance, most parents want their families and friends to attend the service, and it may be very difficult to find a date that suits everyone, and time marches on!  These days it is not uncommon for the new baby and his or her older brother or sister to be baptised together.


Baptism however is not exclusively for children.  It is open to anyone of any age, provided that they have not been previously baptised in another Church.

If you would like to consider Baptism for yourself or your child, the minister would normally want to talk to you about the vows you would be asked to take and what they mean. The vows cover topics such as your faith and your plans for being part of the Church’s life.

We can also discuss A Service of Blessing if you are interested in this. Since 2003, the Church has provided orders for the thanksgiving for, and blessing of, a child. The blessing ceremony takes place at morning worship following the same pattern as that for Baptism, except the wording and promises are different, and no water is used. Nothing is required of the parents in either commitment or belief. Our guide on the blessing of a child includes more information and a suggested order of service for the thanksgiving and blessing of a child.

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